Freedom Twist

Freedom in my eyes is a lot more than being able to exercise your basic human rights

Freedom is to be a free soul, a free embrace change without depending on merit

Freedom is to form your own opinion without depending on the mind of others to think for you..

To be you and to not live in an image or simply to please others.

Freedom is to encompass in solitude, to travel and walk down the high street without people bothering you cause they think they know you.

Freedom is to be allowed to eat what you feel is fit for your appetite, shop where you want to shop, not cause someone simply told you to boycott but to be free to boycott only if you believe in it, not cause you blindly trust the wisdom of those around you but because you have decided this for yourself.

Freedom is being allowed to be you and not cause someone said the song you like singing along to isn’t good for you when that’s what makes you happy but freedom is to sing that song at the top of your lungs cause you are free to do what makes you feel content.

Freedom is to be able to practice what you believe in, to be able to dress according to the occasion and to present yourself according to your mood; not to be frowned upon cause nobody else in your community is brave enough to wear that bright colour or that blazer.

Freedom is to be comfortable being different, to have the freedom to embrace who you want to embrace though it may not be the social norm but cause you appreciate individuality.

Freedom is to sit in the garden on a sunny day and breathe in the beauty of everything around you and feel peaceful internally.

Freedom is to be a free spirit, not tied down to specific acres of land or to feel obliged to stay rooted to a culture cause they claim it’s your heritage.

Freedom is to sit on a boat, stare into the waves in the sea and think without having worries and concerns or troubles that have followed you to where you have travelled to.

Freedom is to sit on a plane and enjoy the take off without feeling guilty cause you may have friends or family members and are aware of deprivation around the world and know many people may not have the same opportunity to do what you’re doing but to be allowed to enjoy your privelages.

Freedom doesn’t only lie in a passport but also lies in your emotions and not to feel oppressed, exploited or demoralized by individuals who may try to trap you cause they may envy your freedom or be made to feel inferior by others who may make you feel unworthy but to be comfortable in your own skin.

Freedom is to give freely and not out of obligation due to dependency, to be free from parasites and people who aren’t good for you but may stubbornly try to dig their claws into you.

Freedom is to be able to love freely without having to keep your guard up cause you’re smart enough to know the world is full of humans who will hurt you and poison your soul and personality and won’t hesitate to introduce you to pain.

Freedom is to not be abused for your beauty but to be allowed to enjoy it and for others to have the freedom to admire it without taking advantage.

Freedom is to be allowed to embrace your inner child, whether it be on the ice rink, making a sandcastle on the beach or at a roller disco.

Freedom is to be free from stress, to not have to depend on medicine or substances to keep your mood intact but to be you and know who you are without your loved ones having to remind you.

Freedom I know lies in not being afraid or having to live in fear and made to be someone you are not.

Freedom is the will to give and to share with a group of people who may not speak the same language as you but to experience freedom at that precise moment.

Freedom is the ability to believe in your dreams and yourself and not made to doubt who you aspire to be or what you aspire to do and to be allowed to embrace phases whilst you’re on your own personal journey.

Freedom is to be free internally despite being locked in a system of oppression and to believe in what you stand and are fighting for and against and understanding your inner peace is a priority before scattering your energy to fight for the freedom of others.

Freedom is to be free like a peace dove

Freedom is not being used for your gender

Freedom is to be free from any form of hypocrisy around you or mind control…

Are YOU Free?


3 Responses to Freedom Twist

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. uzaman901 says:

    Excellent piece…really passionate and well thought out….

    But…the second part of this point really resonates with me and the first part is a little confusing…”Freedom is to not have people constantly depend on you, feeding off your energy and to be free from parasites and people who aren’t good for you but may stubbornly try to dig their claws into you”

    I don’t mind people depending on me, in actually fact I like it and I’m sure you have people who depend on you too, so I’d appreciate clarification on just that point….

    Well done for an excellent first piece!

  3. Poetry, like art, requires no explanation. This piece paints a powerful reminder of what Freedom looks like for you. I’m so glad I share your vision… In that, I recognise my own freedom. Thank you

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