Restless Beings Street Child Village Fundraiser

I am a fundraiser and supporter for the Restless Beings village for 100 ‘street children’ in Dhaka, Bangladesh. the Restless Beings ‘One hundred kids’ project was launched on the 1st of February 2012 to raise funds for Restless Beings to build a village for street kids in Bangladesh who are vulnerable to sexual/physical abuse, human trafficking, organised crime, drug abuse, malnutrition and isolation. Restless Beings intended on raising 100k through a large capacity of volunteers who took on the challenge to raise a minimum of £100 each over 100 days, which totalled 50k in 100 days. Restless Beings are 100% voluntary and still have another 50k to raise so continue to collect donations and welcome more people to join the campaign to fund-raise  Your donations, support and for you to embrace your creativity and take on the challenge yourself shall provide a home, education, food, counseling, a family unit and much more for young people who have been neglected and suffered from human rights abuses. Below is my fundraising campaign to raise money for the village.

I cut my hair short to show solidarity with the young female street children who struggle with their gender identity and are not given the opportunity to enjoy their childhood as girls out of fear of being violated. I believe strongly in Every Child Matters and children all over the world should be safeguarded and their human rights protected from any form of violation and abuse. No child should be subject to violation or open to substance misuse where glue isn’t the only substance that young children are getting hold of, to numb their circumstances and harsh lifestyle. Neither should we deny neocolonialism’s role in Bangladesh and European control contributing to the underdevelopment and poverty arising in Bangladesh which leads to these numerous societal issues, which will not change until the Bangladeshi community are given the right to self-determination and not just have to pick up the pieces leftover after British colonialism and divide and rule in South East Asia.

Please support my campaign by donating whatever amount you are able to part with, for us to work as a collective to support the young children and Restless Beings to build this village. Here’s the donation link

To participate yourself and volunteer to raise money to build a Restless Beings village for the street children of Dhaka, please sign up

To donate your hair in the future or to support the charity for young cancer patients, please see

Please do check out the other Restless Beings projects and causes you can get involved in and support also.

Thank you for your donations and support.

Fatima, Street Child


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