Patriarchy Workshop Bookings including Poetry

I’m currently delivering workshops in the community on sexism and patriarchy. The intention is for men and women to have a better understanding of each other, to address sexism and misogyny preached to our young men and women which later becomes a barrier when attempting to build our communities, where unaddressed issues only further deteriorate our communities. It is important for us to address prevelant issues based around the conditioning of our young men and women in society and address the barriers in education on the relationship between men and women, defining rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, discussing the young male perspective of women and how men are controlled emotionally and psychologically by patriarchy whilst there is a bigger system in place.

I intend on holding workshops in youth centres, schools, colleges and in the community with young men and women to get this discussion going. I have written poetry addressing these issues but poetry is not enough to lift people. We need to actively engage with our communities and allow people to participate in healthy debate and get the conversation going in order to have an understanding to prevent further trauma to our brothers and sisters struggling through our societal conditioning. I intend on providing a better opportunity of how one can be deemed an oppressor to women and how to resist that oppression, especially in violent volatile situations. Everything shall be discussed from a post-colonial perspective but to allow young people and women to have a voice. Workshops will address issues around the greater power structure and the symptom of patriarchy which is prevalent in our society with the encouragement of dehumanising and treating women like “bitches and hoes”. I shall share a few spoken word/poetry pieces towards the ends of a workshop.

If you have access to a group of young people through youth work or women or would like to get a few friends together, please contact me to organise a workshop or an event to allow this discussion to go ahead. I am willing to deliver workshops on separate occasions to be sensitive to different age groups and understand the controversy that can occur from dealing with sensitive taboo topics where it may be better advised to deliver separate workshops for both genders, to avoid egoistic debate and to overcome barriers of discomfort. Contact me on or leave a message below in order to arrange a workshop time and date. I am currently based in London but i’m willing to deliver workshops in England, where covering transports costs can be discussed. It would be brilliant for young people in the community to get involved, share ideas and participate in discussions. If you would like to get involved in the delivery or supporting this independent community project, contact me also. A collective effort in bringing discussions affecting us all to the table is always appreciated.

Shareefa Panchbhaya

Post-colonialism. Grassroots youth and community activist. BA International Relations. Child protection trained


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