The Assasination of our brother Malcolm Shabazz, Including Interviews and Speeches

This post is to support Dr W Randy Short from the Black Autonomy Network, his comradMalcolm Shabazzes working on campaigns and the Shabazz family in the United States. Dr W Randy Short was a close brother in the struggle to our late beloved Brother Malcolm Lateef Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X, who was assassinated on the 9th of May 2013. It is or duty in Europe to be supportive at this devastating time and actively support engaging more people who are disengaged. We can only intend on doing our brother Malcolm Shabazz justice by stubbornly refusing to allow his character to be assassinated and to support the continuation of delivering the message he spent the last few years of his life dedicated to, before the United States brutally assassinated him.

Dr W Randy has sent me a list of links and articles he would like our communities here from both Afrikan and Muslim communities, alongside people from colonized lands to read and watch in order to have informed opinions on our late brother Malcolm and not buy any of the pathetic rumours that are currently being spread in order to tarnish his character and his fight for justice when positioning himself on the axis of resistance against white Western imperialist powers.

Every link shared below has been recommended by our brother Dr W Randy Short. I shall be updating this blog piece regularly when delegated to add more information onto as more information becomes clear. Please share this link with collected information far and wide.  Myself and others from communities of people from colonised lands, especially the Afrikan and Muslim community will be willing to engage in discussions if anyone would like to hold screenings on this or hold conference calls with our family in the struggle resisting across the pond.

We have to remember a young brother was taken from the struggle during our lifetime by the FBI, him being the first male heir to Malcolm X making the oppressors even more paranoid and giving them reason to end his life at an early age, before his life goals to contribute to change and resistance were reached.

Here are contact details for Dr W Randy Short who is working on the main campaign to bring those responsible for assassinating our beloved brother, to justice. We must recognise our moral duty and obligation to be supportive in mobilising, whilst refusing to bow our heads and remain silent. Many have lost their lives for the struggle and our brothers death shall not be in vain. No Justice, No Peace.

Interviews and Articles Related to the Assassination of our late Brother Malcolm Shabazz

Malcolm Shabazz Murder Conspiracy : Malcom X’s Grandson Beaten To Death In Mexico

The Life and Death of Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson of Malcolm X

Brother Malcolm Shabazz and Rev. Dr. Alveda King (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) agreed to work together to unite African Americans against genocide. She would bring in the churches and he would reach the young people. They agreed on April 26, 2013. Just like his grandfather agreed to work with Dr. King in January  2013 and was killed the following month. This has happened again. Malcolm was vocally anti-eugenics, abortion, and genocide. Look at what he was opposed to. Malcolm was disgusted by the massacre of Black babies by Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.

Inspiring Interviews and Speeches by our late Brother Malcolm Shabazz

American Spring: Malcolm Shabazz and Tim Baldauf-Lenschen Speak

Documentary: The Façade of the American Dream P1-4

(If you appreciate “The Façade of the American Dream,” please leave a comment of support, encouraging Press TV to fund more programs to engage with the issues of the Afrikan diaspora. You can also write to:

Blacks are murdered with impunity in the US, Malcolm Shabazz interview

The Life and Death of Malcolm Shabazz, Grandson of Malcolm X

Shareefa Panchbhaya

Youth & Community Activist


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